Simply Put Planning

At Simply Put Planning we want to give you the seeds and education to find financial freedom for you and your Family..



How We Work


Because we want to be totally independent of outside influences, we have established a method of working that removes us from any market place that pays sales fees, commissions, introducers’ fees, management fees. This means that we are free to help you with life and Legacy planning without having one eye on a product sale at the end of our process.


We do this by charging fees, you, the client, are in no doubt whose best interests we look after.


We tell you the proposed costs of our service. If we do not feel that we can add value or help, we will tell you before you start to incur work related fees.


At outset we want to remove all obligations. You must have heard many services advertising a “first meeting free and without obligation”. At Simply Put, we believe that a free meeting puts you under an obligation, in some measure, to proceed. For that reason we charge a nominal £25 fee for our first meeting. The fees for this meeting go into our Charity Account and are used to support local good causes.


We have a wealth of expertise in our Company in terms of financial products. In theory we meet the FCAs requirement of being level 4 qualified to give advice, indeed one of our team members has been through the Securities Institute examinations to conduct a stockbroking business. Here at Simply Put we have decided to take the step of choosing not to give advice on investment business, but instead, to educate our clients and empower them to make their own choices.


By giving you the knowledge and understanding in generic terms, and in plain English we believe that there is a freedom in that. You will no longer be tied to an adviser who offers products from whichever Company, bank or Building Society that they are working for.


It will be you who chooses what to do and more importantly, you will know why you are doing it.


We like to think that for some of our clients they may become so interested in, and knowledgeable about, their own areas of need, that they no longer need anyone for guidance. For us, that is the utmost compliment. For the same reason, we have no long term contracts, when you stop needing us, you stop paying!