Simply Put Planning

We understand that finding the right services for yourself can be difficult and overwhelming, so we've answered the questions we find our clients most frequently ask...





Q. What is life planning?


It is a method of coaching, educating and empowering you to arrange your affairs, so that that you can focus on achieving your lifetime ambitions. Sounds simple doesn't it?


It can be a wonderful journey of exploration, we coach you through exercises that bring to the fore the motters of utmost importance to you and your family.


We provide inspiration to place all your focus on time horizons and targets to help you reach your goals. We help you deal with obstacles that seem to be in you way, carry out cashflow calculations if needed to demonstarte what is achievable.


Having taken the time to put a long term plan in place, we review this with you on a regular basis, ensuring that we can measure progress.


We will be there to help you celebrate reaching your life goals and your annual bite size targets.


Q. What is legacy planning?


Well, to start with, it is not just making a Will. Many of our clients feel that the whole picture of their family is important. To understand what makes the family work, what worries they have and what dreams and aspirations they possess is of the paramount importance.


So many young Families are torn apart by debt due to a lack of understanding, by educating and planning at the earliest opportunity, Parents and indeed Grand Parents can see to it that their younger family members can get off to a good start.


We enable a vision of being the “Trustees of the Family wealth”. By planning for the elderly members of a Family we can guide them to the place of balance between making sure that there is enough for them whilst helping their younger relatives at a time when they most need it.


The backbone of these planning discussions is a robust approach to Wills and Powers of Attorney. These are provided by our professional connections with long established and respected Solicitors within your town. The Solicitors are chosen according to their ability to meet our clients’ needs with the correct level of expertise at proportionate rates.


Only when we all work as a team can we be sure that every aspect of Legacy Planning is taken care of.